around the horn:

one of the best flash dealies you’ll ever see – the election nonsense + the sex pistols “liar” from Town & Planet. makes me wanna learn flash.

remember the dude who turned my “how to vote” into a short film? well he’s made a new lil film called “asstoids“. he warns that there are gay men kissing. do people ever warn when there are gay women kissing?

virginia turns us on to barack obama’s campaign song. so thats why he won by a landslide.

as you know i have two advertisers. one is that credit report text ad, the other is the sbc blog reader Project DU, which you should download and try out if you havent yet, well today they are featured in the wall street journal, which is free today.

flagrant continues to be happy, which makes me happy.

isou always has better lists than me

i dont link low culture enough

leah tried wild mushrooms. she has always been one of my all time favorite bloggers.

bunny mcintosh has some pretty hot zeroes and ones.

wanna get tunes off of your ipod and onto your computer? iLinkPod is your answer, and its free. h/t mc brown

amy has a nice list of links

aaron, congrats on your boy johan getting the cy young. i hope lots of people are still buying your book.

ashley has her holiday wish lists ready

doc searls catches U2 in one of those exaggerations

instapundit began blogging today at 8:07am, by 8:09am he had already continued his obsession regarding rathergate.

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