fcc chairman michael powell

wants to know if Walt Disney would be “proud” of the controversy swirling around a silly piece that ran before the start of Monday Night Football this week.

but before we get any further let me clearly state for the record this:

fuck michael powell

who has done nothing, ever, to make anyone proud.

in the MNF mini-skit Terrell Owens is in the Eagles lockerroom and and Nichole Sherridan drops her shirt to persuade the wide receiver to be tardy for the begining of the game. apparently she really needs a good hug.

owens, the league’s flashiest and best receiver, obliges and the silliness fades out.

until the FCC decided to get involved.

despite the fact that there was no genitals or breasts or ass shown, despite the fact that all we saw of the desperate housewife’s body was the curve of her back, despite the fact that it was painfully obvious that the bit was comedy and simulated humour (and not simulated sex), the fcc chairman is looking into the handful of complaints that his office allegedly received over the 15 second goof.

and in a brazen bit of bias that is typically a no-no regarding open investigations, powell posed the hypothetical question regarding the dead disney.

powell asked the question because ABC which owns MNF and sherridan’s “desperate housewives” is owned by Disney.

as are the affiliates that run the oprah winfrey show, but when oprah received complaints this year about her discussion anal/oral sex and “rainbow parties” where teens would put lipstick on and give boys oral sex and later compare lipstick traces powell kept his big fat mouth shut and didnt speculate if mr. disney was proud about oprah’s subject matter.

but these are different days. bush has since been re-elected. the swagger that you see and the smile on the lips of the fcc chairman has amplified.

100,000 votes in ohio is all that seperated four more years or an entirely new direction but to those like powell who often sides with conservatives it was a mandate to crack down on anything that even hints at sexuality

except of course oprah.

owens clearly didnt miss any of the game, he caught three touchdowns, but powell doesnt care.

and powell certainly doesnt care about setting down clear guidelines for broadcasters to know what is out of bounds and what’s kosher.

how on gods green earth is a bare back indecent?

if michael powell wasnt an uncle tom sellout tool for the right and their neverending lust for control he’d write a book compiled by commisioners of the fcc, scholars, judges and lawmakers that would once and for all layout what is cool and what isnt cool.

but powell and his klan arent interested in playing fair, being fair, or speaking clearly. it’s gotcha politics intended to keep sexuality off of the public airwaves (unless the host’s first name begins with an o) while turning its back on violence and f-bombs.

their agenda is clear and with no one in any power to stop them even the curve of a back is grounds to send more chills through the already bland major networks.

bravo chairman powell, i didnt think you could deepthroat the agendas of the far right any better but with this latest move you simultaneously lick their nuts.

im sure your poppa is proud.

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