the good dr. hunter s. thompson

wrote a peice today for where he talks about the Colts and the elections.

here is an excerpt:

“The Summer is over

the harvest is in,

and we are not saved.”

— Jeremiah 8:20

Well, the election is over now, and I was pitifully wrong on my public prediction about the outcome. George W. Bush won handily; and my friend, John Kerry, lost by three percentage points — which was every bit as big in a vicious presidential election as it was on the football field last night when the low-riding Indianapolis Colts kicked a last-second field goal to beat Minnesota 31-28…

I am no stranger to the anguish of losing a presidential campaign, and this very narrow loss with John Kerry is no exception. It hurt, as always, but it didn’t hurt as much as that horrible beating we took with George McGovern in 1972. That was by 22 points, the worst defeat in any presidential campaign since George Washington ran for a second term in 1787.

And the winner that year was a conquering hero named Richard Nixon, who got whacked out of office two years later because he was a crook. We had a very angry Democratic majority in the Senate that year, which is not the case now.

No. Today, the Panzer-like Bush machine controls all three branches of our federal government, the first time that has happened since Calvin Coolidge was in the White House. And that makes it just about impossible to mount any kind of Congressional investigation of a firmly-entrenched president like George Bush.

The time has come to get deeply into Football. It is the only thing we have left that ain’t fixed. And more on that next week.

today it appears that either the panzer-like bush machine has finally fallen apart the same way the bluesmobile died at the end of the film.

but i agree with the doc, its time to get dirty with football.

i only wish that my teams werent playing over their heads and arent poised for implosion.

so my attentions slip into hoops where i was loving the fact that kobe got booed last night at the american music awards just a few miles away from staples center

cuz not only does he deserve to be booed for being the bitchpin that dismantled a strong team, but he should know that here in hollywood we have enough award-presenters, what we’re looking for is the next michael jordan

and if youre not it, driver 8, then take a break, we can reach our destination, but we’re still a ways away.

h/t bicycle mark + paul davidson + fimoculous

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