i would like to thank all of you

for putting up with all these reruns as i compile my new blook.

tonight will be my last night blowing off family and friends as i put together this nightmare. i truly despise going back in time. very little pleasure in looking under old boulders to see whats under there.

this might be the last blook i make by myself. yes i had help last year from sepi but i still had to read what she picked and it was a chore. what i need next time is someone to collect them, edit them, arrange them and send them over to cafepress so that i dont even have to think about it.

and when that blook comes out i bet you i wont read it.

tonight i have to do the graphic for the cover and for the spine. it should take about 1 minute because there will be no pictures for the cover or the spine. keeping it real with the j.d. salinger no pictures rule.

after some soul searching we’re back up to 200 pages. mostly 2003 posts. around five political peices. id say its a funny collection. psychedelic. spell-checked. totally ready to get picked up by a serious publisher after the new year rings in, if one exists.

on friday i was pitched a job idea. the dude said that he would try to get me an interview this week. it’s for a magazine. one that i already subscribe to and love. my job would not be to write but to edit, which thrills me. id also be doing a little bit of recruiting, trying to get good writers to submit.

submit i will tell them. submit!

i think i can do that.

so after tonight i can get back to my real life. i can call my old kindegarten – high school best friend who hunted me down last week. i can call zulieka unstrung who has moved to hollywood. and i can go back to letting my hands and arms rest from the carpal.

went grocery shopping with one sexy chick last night.

i will never stop loving her.

jarvis catches the fcc in one of those exaggerations + colin powell quits + kitty bukkake

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