just kicked a chick out of bed

who before this afternoon i might have said, yeah but id never kick her out of bed.

life is nuts.

id like to tell you the entire story and i bet youd like to hear it. and for some reason i dont want to write about this in my secret journal i want to write about it here so that people could read it and learn from it.

but im not that sort of person. i dont air out my dirty draws out for the world to see. especially when it involves somewhat public people.

or in this case— never mind.

karisa just called and wants to go to the hollywood christmas parade with me.

perfect distraction.

so before i blow it and let all the cats out of the bag here are some birthdays.

Motown Records founder and music legend Berry Gordy Jr. turns 75 today.

I once had a chance to either see Stevie Ray Vaughn play with BB King, or the Who or Randy Newman. I picked Mr. Newman and I dont regret it. Today the writer of “Short People” “You’ve Got A Friend in Me” and “I Love LA” is 61.

David Letterman’s sidekick and original bandleader of the Blues Brothers Paul Shaffer is 55.

Brat Pack actor and unlikely hero of The Breakfast Club Judd Nelson is 45.

The man who most would like to replace Dan Rather, Jon Stewart is 42.

And Americas favorite soon-to-be half-billionaire Anna Nicole Smith is 37.

saidy + the detox + dehumidifier

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