msnbc’s keith olbermann sheds light on ohio’s curious voting situation last tuesday

ncluding a report of a Cincinnati Enquirer eye-witness account of a “lockdown” during the count in Warren County.

he also goes on to discuss irregularities in Florida.

glenn reynolds via his msnbc column rebuts today in his peice called “Whining Doesn’t Win

“Complaints about voter fraud have been the perennial domain of losers, though people seem less shy about sounding bitter and shrill these days. And now some disappointed Democrats — those who aren’t talking about seceding, anyway — are claiming that the voting was somehow ‘hacked,'” reynolds, the author of wrote.

and then he goes on to say that it “seems rather tinfoil-hattish to me.”

which is an insult in some circles.

obermann doing what reporters do, raised some serious questions in his report that can be heard here including the fact that some machines in florida’s broward county began counting backwards after it reached 32,000 votes.

wouldnt you think that the good professor would be the first to call for an investigation if it were his man who had lost in florida and a little light was shed on the fact that voting machines were suddenly doing the opposite of what they should be doing?

i recall how vocal he was about happenings that went down 30 years ago — one would think that dirty tricks going down a week ago would get just as much attention. dont you?

wouldnt you think that the blogfather would become a little curious when the results from the exit polls were dramatically different than the “official” count. were that many people flat out lying to the press about their support for the president?

it’s not at all interesting to the worlds most popular blogger that “Bush racked up more votes than registered Republicans in 47 out of 67 counties in Florida. In 15 of those counties, his vote total more than doubled the number of registered Republicans and in four counties, Bush more than tripled the number


the fear that so many bush backers have to actually count the votes in bush presidential elections is also bewildering.

what are they afraid that we will discover?

don’t these educated men and women want to know the results, and prove to the nation that there wasnt any monkey business going on in the most important elections on the planet?

why must they resort to name-calling instead of demanding a full investigation?

why is it that they were supportive of investigations into Bill Clinton’s white water dealings that went on for years, but they’re not in the slightest way interested in investigations of our elections, which anyone can see are far from perfect?

maybe theres something to hide.

UPDATE: Parsing the numbers reveals a bizarre similarity in many of the Ohio returns.

metafilter thread + village voice explains how bush stole this election too + reason’s hit and run

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