one and a half days and theres already a controversy

the fine company that is publishing How To Blog has put the original cover under review to see if i am breaking any copyright law by using it.

it would have been nice if they had emailed me to let me know of their concerns, but, you know, whatev.

the way i see it the artist who puts out all of the graffit-based obey/giant art wants his image everywhere which is why he provides it for free for people to download and stick on things.

in a way im sticking it on the best thing that ive made in years.

ive emailed the guy and hopefully it will reach him and if im lucky he will give me permission to use the image, which i consider to be typical of what youre bound to see on a corner here in hollywood.

i have always appreciated his street art and the anarchistic feeling and its questioning and its punk rock asthetics and i think it jibes perfectly with what id like to see more of in blogging.

until i get his permission, however, the books will be printed with the cover above.

im sorry for any inconvenience any of this may have caused you.

if, say, the dude says its cool and the publishing company accepts his email as proof, anyone who gets the cover you see in this post will have a rare book indeed.

so order now.

i dont even have that cover.

hot utah prison guard + just a girl + tink

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