people ask me all the time

how i deal with the negative emails and comments that i get on here.

easy. i dont give a shit.

ive never given a shit. but that might be because ever since i was in school there was always an asswipe in the hall or a teacher at the chalk board or someone who wasnt shy about saying, tony you suck.

then along came the internet and complete strangers were given free reign to tell me that i sucked, but i was allowed to dish it right back.

truth is, at many things i do suck. ask anyone.

but as far as writing and blogging and thinking goes, all their opinions dont mean shit. it’s all subjective. it’s all so much bullshit. zeroes and ones. pixels and whatnot.

and guess what, if you call a huge chunk of america dumbfuck inbred fear-loving faggot-haters you might get a few emails.

democrats, which i am often categorized as being, have a hard time breaking out of the PC world that they created for themselves.

i dont have such hangups.

if i see a retard as president of the united states i think it’s disingenious not to stand up and say, does everyone see the same tard that i see?

plus i believe in the idealism that some people might need to read it somewhere else first before they feel comfortable to say, “yeah, that motherfucker IS a retard!”

no matter how many hits you get, always pretend that youre not getting any. always pretend that this online journal is offline. write the way youd write if this was your three ring binder in highschool.

if that doesnt help you write more honestly, think about the fact that a guy stood up the other day and said “unwed mothers and homosexuals shouldnt even be teachers!” and not only did that guy live to see another day, but he is south carolinas newest senator.

o’reilly has no problem speaking his mind, neither does rush. sure we look at them and laugh, but they laugh all the way to the bank.

ultimately i look at blogging the same way the editors of the la times look at it: as a joke, as a hobby, as this generations cb radio. and like all those communiques back in the 70s, theyre all dust in the wind good buddy.

so ask yourself the next time you censor yourself on your blog, if you cant keep it real on the web, where can you?

and then type whatever the fuck you wanna type, select all, copy, and click publish.

and then fuggetaboutit

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