right now All Tomorrow’s Parties

is going on down in the lbc.

its a two-day music festival starring the guy from the velvet underground, the guy from pavement, modest mouse, the shins, the cramps and a bunch of other bands.

a funny little comment war broke out on the blogging.la site about whether ATP is a better two-day concert than this summer’s Coachella.

some guy was all, ATP is nothing compared to Coachella, and thats when a guy named Travis went off:

You’re tripping man. Coachella 2004 sucked balls, unless you caught some shit I missed out there in the 200 degree heat. The only good bands I SAW were Kraftwerk, The Pixies (but they barely count cuz they’re old, fat, sober, and I saw them the night before at the Glasshouse, which was ten times better than seeing them in a field), Radiohead (who totally sucked, they were acutally OUT OF TUNE on some songs), and I guess you could say The Cure (but they were so quiet they might as well of not played, plus they played a bunch of new songs from their ROSS ROBINSON record). ATP slays that shit.

to which a guy named Bacon said, “I’m not sure you were at the same festival I was at. The Pixies were fucking tight. Radiohead was amazing. Air was dope too.. not to mention all the good Hip Hop I saw from Dizzee Rascal and the Streets etc..

“When its all said and done, the acts that played at Coachella 2004 had way more of a profound and direct influence on music than any of these bands at this festival will ever have.”

and then someone named RS said, “Modest Mouse should have voted THEMSELVES off the list of bands…”

and a guy named Michael said, “Travis, has it ever occured to you that some people might like the other music festivals because they know and like the bands playing there? You seem quick to deem everything that you’re not interested in as ‘sucking’ or ‘shitty’. Why not just be excited about this festival instead of playing the ‘I’m cool and indy and your American festivals suck’ card?”

which only made Travis nuts:

Jesus, everyone’s a fucking cry baby around here. Hang on while I rub your pussies.

Did it ever occur to me that people like bands cuz they know them? What the fuck does that mean? Who doesn’t know Lou Reed? What planet are you from? Did it ever occur to YOU that most people are total fucking morons? I deemed Coachella shitty not cuz it wasn’t interesting to me, but because it WAS shitty. The sound was shit, the heat was shit, the drive out there was shit, and the line up was shit. That equals shitty to me. Sorry if you disagree, but I’m right and you’re wrong. If your idea of a good time is watching hip hop live (which in case you weren’t sure, is people yelling at you – hip hop live is about as fun as going to the dentist) or Air live (which as good as their records might be is TOTALLY FUCKING BORING TO WATCH LIVE – wanna watch me check my email?), DURING THE DAY in a field in the desert, then KNOCK YOURSELF OUT CHAMP!

Profound and direct influence on music? What? LOU REED BITCH!

You guys can skip The Cramps, Old Lou, Black Heart, The Shins, Stephen Malkmus, White Magic, and Lungfish and wait til Coachella next year you fucking cry babies

later Bacon said:

Congratulations. You don’t like hip-hop. I guess this makes you some sort of rebel or something.

I was born and raised on the shit, it aint gonna change because some pasty silverlaked-haired ironic t-shirt guy told me that hating hip hop like its disco circa 1980 makes him cooler than me.

Air was a great performance they were up there with a live band, were you watching them or are you just basing your opinion on what you saw??heard from your buddyhead cronies?

Also, its hilarious that your telling me I’m bitching like a little girl. Isnt that what buddyhead is all about?? Complaining about people bitching on the Internets is like complaining about people driving on the street.

That’s what its there for.

You and all your Rilo-Kiley-Slater-Kinney wannabe friends have fun trying to out indy each other this weekend.

and our pal Travis responded thusly:

You were born and raised by an English dude rapping about knickers? That would explain it allot. Sucks to be you. And ummm dude, you just showed me all your cards… bad move. I was raised on BLACK SABBATH and LES ZEPPELIN and THE STOOGES and MINOR THREAT and BAD BRAINS… you might wanna check out the first three.

But hey now Mr. Hip Hop guy, don’t get me wrong, I like rap ON RECORD when they’ve got something to say like Public Enemy or NWA did. Yes, that shit is rad. But do I wanna stand in a field and watch The Streets? NO BRO!

Silverlake? Ironic t shirts? You’ve got the wrong guy… I’m not who you think I am, but nice try. And my location has nothing to do with why I’m cooler than you man… I live in West Hollywood sizzlechest.

And yes I saw AIR… and if they had a “live band” hows comes THEY DIDNT HAVE A DRUMMER? WHERE THE FUCK WHERE THE DRUM SOUNDS COMING FROM SMART GUY?!?! Yes, the one dude was playing guitar over samples and keyboards and dats yes…. GREAT! How exciting… Not.

Buddyhead isn’t about bitching… it’s us entertaining ourselves while dorks get their panties in a bunch over what we say… just like I’m doing here on this site with you jackasses… who’s got the most comments on a post? I DO!

And for the record, Rilo Kiley sucks shit and Sleater Kinney rock for three girls but you won’t catch me listening to it.

Sorry everyone… my next post will be about how rad rap music is and how nice everything is…

highly entertaining which is why you should read the whole thing

h/t sean bonner + layne edjumacates the jesuslanders + sorry everybody + hot prison guard

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