spent the night with my true love

so that i could take her to the airport this morn.

nice part about doing all that is, i got to sleep with her in the most comfortable bed of all time, and we got to eat fancy pre-made Whole Foods last night, and i get her car for 4-5 days.

but i also got to use her shower which is awesome.

and i got to watch some of Elf while holding her hand which was great.

and i got to experience rush hour traffic leaving LAX this morn which wasnt as bad as the tv news crews will tell you it is.

my baby flew out via Alaskan airlines which was the way to go. the line for Southwest was looooooooooong and well out the door.

remind me not to fly SWA on any holiday.

while driving to work i was tuned in on flagrant‘s favorite, kfi, where bill handle was chopping up Dan Rather’s career as mercilessly as could be.

funny how when one texan who leans liberal acts unique handle call him crazy, but when another texan who is ultra conservative acts unique handle calls him mr. president worthy of four more years.

ah hypocracy, as commonplace as gravity.

when i tired of talk radio i hit the cd player to see what my sweetheart was listening to.

twas Nelly’s “sweat” which got me moving around in my seat.

“let a grand hang out” was pretty awesome.

so was the mcdonalds drive thru that i treated myself to.

if i dont get a chance to say so today, let it be known that im eternally thankful for the opportunity to have my mundane so-called life read by thousands of people a day. it’s humbling and overwhelming. and dont think for a minute that i dont appreciate it.

cuz i do.

boston vs nirvana + tiffany + kitty bukkake

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