thats him.

john green. the dude who threw the cup of something at ron artest.

john green’s bad luck cost artest $5 million when their paths crossed on friday, but the fates turned on mr. green when the michigan county prosecutor recognized his former neighbor and officially identified green as the instigator of the greatest fight in sports history.

when news crews went to his house green sicked his german shepard on them.

but the dog ran the other way.

true story.

even the fucking dog knew that his owner was an asshole.

somebody asked me in the comments why i was defending ron artest even though i have often said that as a Christian i believe in Jesus’s invitation to turn the other cheek.

and i can understand the gentleman’s confusion. and good for him for paying attention because i believe the context of my writing about turning the other cheek was in regards to the pro-war red staters who, along with the president, identify themselves as Christian even though Christians believe in turning the other cheek.

so, the question must be, how can i defend ron artest for attacking those who didnt strike him first, while not supporting president bush for doing the same thing to iraq?

simple. america should be a little wiser than a guy who wears dennis rodman’s number.

and i always defend the brothas.

the underdogs.

the misunderstood.

the sons of soul.

the unloved superheroes.

my fellow americans

who’ve turned the other cheek for quite a while.

and i was having a little conversation today with a very smart man who happened to be white and i jokingly asked him why the commissioner of the nba is white when almost all the players are black.

and he said, not everythings about color.

and i can understand a white man thinking that.

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