if theres one thing that ive learned about technology

it’s dont make promises about deadlines.

yes i promised that today id have a podcast for your asses. in fact i promised an interview with miss karisa j. hotshot.

i did get that interview and the sound quality was no good. so now i am using Audacity to try to clean it up because i know many of you have not heard a podcast before and i wouldnt want to give you the wrong impression that podcasts sound like podshit.

so all yesterday i was trying to polish the turd to no avail.

so what i did was i just spoke into my digital recorder and did a little 5-minute segment which i followed up with two 20+ minute jobbers.

and of course now im having technical difficulties beyond my control.

as radiohead said, this is what you get.

i dont mind deadlines when it comes to writing shit down because im in complete control of something that i know about. but this podcasting crap is new to me too.

so what i did because i like to be a man of my word, was i made a new blog just for my podcasting rants and interviews

its called tonyspodcasts.blogspot.com

you can right click > save the mp3s and listen to it on your various mp3-listening devices.

i realize that this is not how one typically listens to podcasts, but it’s a temporary work-around so that 1) those of you who want a taste of what this podcast show is going to be like will be satisfied 2) i can wipe a little egg off my face 3) you can laugh at me for being a fool and not a liar.

i know that nothing in here is true, but we’ve come this far i dont think its fair to go back on promises because of “technical difficulties”.

so hopefully next week or sooner this problem can be resolved and i can get on to what ive been so excited about this last week.

a thousand apologies.

the quick fix

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