its hot as fuck in LA today

and im in my hollywood bungalow trying to get my podcast shit working for you. if you only knew the brilliant minds that are trying to help me youd be hella impressed.

we’ve got steven j hawkings on speakerphone, weve got carl sagans head in a jar, ive got hopi indians chanting infront of my home, we’re looking for virgins to sacrifice, and ive got abe vigoda on his way back from the grocery store with twelve packs of Orange Crush cuz meg ryan and tom hanks are on the way over to jump into the big woo

and yes im tempted to roll up a j and get the ghost of jerry garcia to noodle some good vibes my way.

think damnit Think! i keep saying to my computer monitor.

but im a Christian, maybe i should pray.

Lord, i know you probably dont care about podcasting or the Interweb, and maybe this is just this generation’s Tower of Babel, and yes my voice appears much higher than id like, but could you please just help me get this thing on the air because you’ve blessed me with knowing the coolest people in the world and i want to share that with everyone else.

Thanks for everything youve done for me and please let Nomah come back healthy and ready for the home stretch. Amen.

ok and with that im going to make like a tree and get the hell outta here.

i dont have AC but i have five state of the art movie theatres just dying to show me some quality films.

at first i was going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as it was one of my favorite books and movies as a kid, but sk smith wasnt thrilled and i trust her taste. so i will go to the archlight and catch Wedding Crashers.

people keep emailing me about my Weed issue.

aint no issue. yes it would be nice to smoke a bowl before hopping on the bus and seeing the movie but i would really like to see if i can behave for the rest of the summer before i even allow myself to entertain that practice. and when i do i dont want it to be a practice ever again, like threesomes at the playboy mansion, i want to keep those episodes special occassions. everything in moderation.

i believe its the theory behind McDonalds only letting the McRib out there every now and then,

but i could be wrong.

when i get back home i will put up the first two parts of my chat with Mr. Matt Welch. we spoke in his backyard and not over the phone so hopefully the sound quality will be noticeably better.

while i was trying to get my Feeds fixed i had Stand By Me running in the background and i hadnt seen that movie in a decade and it was pretty cool to see Wil and River and Jerry and Crazydude as kids again. and how could i forget that Wil had that leech down his pants.

trust me, when, and if he grants me a podcast interview i will be sure to ask him a little about that movie cuz i love it and it still holds up beautifully today.

in other news, i got an email telling me that i have an offer letter in the mail, so this summer might just be winding down, which is fine with me, as i havent really done much with it.

Big Brother is on tonight!

sigh club‘s cat can read! + read raymi today + leah has a good man a very good man

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