one of the nice benefits of smoking weed every day for ten years

was that i barely had any dreams. people were all, of course you had dreams you just didnt remember them. but no, i hate dreams, i woulda remembered them.

for the last three nights in a row ive had the most disturbing dreams, and if it keeps up, and yes im talking to you dream factory, im going to get back on the pipe.

last night i dreampt that i was in jail.

it was a really nice jail in that everyone was mellowed out and there were lots of rolling stone magazines, but like in real life, everyone just walked on them and ignored them.

after a while i got a little uptight and i wanted to know why i was in jail and when it would be over. there were no answers for me. everyone just wandered around doing laps like fish in a huge tank. and like a fish i tried to stay away from the big ones and kept moving, looking for a place to hide.

fucking hate dreams.

my car is in the shop. looks like theres not that much work to do on it. tire rotation, oil change, tail lights, liscense plate light, tune up, radiator flush, battery cleaning, ashtray cleaning, you know.

theres a mechanic right next door to my post office box and hes a super nice dude. and now i really trust him because he didnt try to say my breaks were bad.

i disagree with sk. just cuz you have two things to talk about doesnt make them good.

i watched some porn last night. not because i needed to but because i get it in the mail every 5-6 days. i saw some of the most hateful smut ever. as balky said in beverly hills cop, thats not sexy. the filmmakers’ moto was that they didnt follow trends that they set them or some shit. if the trend that they were trying to establish was that they were making porn that made you disgusted with sex then they were indeed setting the standard.

then i watched some interracial porn. black dudes and blonde girls. everything was going well until this huge musclebound black dude knocked on this blonde girls door and he had this huge honkin… cross on his chest. wtf! exactly what part of Jesus or the bible is sexy in that context? infact i believe its a turnoff. why do they think i want to see a cross swinging as my dude gives it to her hard and strong?

must i teach the world everything?

no crosses in chicks cleavages and no huge crosses as a dude is getting his board waxed. sheesh.

i fast forwarded and didnt even break open the asian pr0n because i was sickened by the lack of art in the adult world and i passed out in a disgusted mess without even taping big brother for my buddy ken as i had promised.

i need to stop making promises, although i have been cleaning up my house and getting my shit together, so im proud of that.

and i do have part one of my podcast with tomdog of Buzznet and Rogue Cheddar fame up and all went well until the twenty minute mark when my battery died.

so go here to hear part one (about 20 minutes) and later i will have part two up because Tsar rocks Albany tomorrow night and if you go you will get to hear great tunes and get to meet tom!

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