tsar is spreading like the michaelangelo virus

but instead of fucking up your harddrives theyre fucking up the pop program and reminding people that there is an alternative to the dave matthews band and the reconsituted easylistening pretending to be rock music.

tonight the boys play at Valentines in albany new york the states capital and the birthplace of the q-tip. ok i made that up, but tsar will be banging the gong and i hope that if youre nearby you will pop yr head into the club and say hey for me.

after a day off, sunday tsar will be in buffalo for Edgefest with Billy Idol, our lady peace, flogging molly, static x, and others including 30 seconds to mars.

tuesday they will be in toronto canada rocking The Horseshoe, and Raymi and Fil i want you to be there with the rest of all my GTA homiez and give me your honest analysis of my bros. thats tuesday Toronto 8/2 at the horseshoe. fill that fucker up and let em know that you want to be rocked.

Chicago, thursday Tsar will be in my hometown. 8/4 at the Bottom Lounge with the Queers. give em some love chi-town. cubbies won today in the bottom of the ninth which means go to the Bottom Lounge and see the band most likely to have a smoke machine.

they drive all night and on friday 8/5 tsar hits cincinatti’s Never on Sundays.

on Saturday they’ll be in Lancaster at Coach’s Corner. both of those OH shows they’ll be playing with Billy Carri. who’s Billy Carri? hellifiknow all i know is Tsar will bring it so get ready and i dare you to try to give it back.

8/12 they’ll be in Sayerville NJ at the Starland Ballroom opening for the world famous NEW YORK friggin DOLLS and on 8/13 they’ll open for the Dolls again at the House of Blues in Atlantic City and my only question is why why why did they have to do that as soon as i got a job? i would have hitch-hiked across the country to see that match up.

but apparently i wont have to travel far because at the end of August the Dolls will have Tsar open for them again on 8/29 at the HOB in San Diego and 8/31 at the HOB at downtown Disney.

and now you know the rest of the story

toronto + i + want + your + sweet + ass + at + the + tsar + show + on + tuesday + nite

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