we all love mc marc brown

and obviously he had more on his mind than photography which is odd because he normally takes very good pictures

but today when he went to ameoba to buy his tsar cd he documented that there was only one cd left and failed to see that on the front of the row to the left of tsar was trex’s electric warrior which was on my short list of records that were better than band girls money, which also happens to have cover art that tsar is obviously borrowing from which i can only imagine is jeff tipping the hat to one of his most overwhelming influences.

the good mc in his haste probably to walk across the street to chan darae for some pad thai missed out on a great photo, but brown delivers in so many other ways that we’ll give him a pass this time. this time.

im watching one of the last howard stern shows on e! this one is of a foot fetish chick who isnt very hot. just because youre petite and wearing a cheerleader outfite doesnt automatically make you hot. 11 years howard was on e! and todays radio show was super sad as he chatted with all the e! crew whose last day is today.

i called my buddy stuart who called me on my last day and his voicemail said that he was going to be away until the middle of next month but in the meantime i could call al. which is good news cuz i guess that means that LA e! is going to absorb stu and al which is nice because theyre great guys.

my favorite part of working at e! was going into the online room where al was fine tuning the show that was to air that night. sometimes he was figuring out what b-roll theyd slow mo when howard was talking about someone who wasnt in the studio, sometimes al was trying to figure out if the nipple that they blurred was blurry enough, and sometimes theyd call me in to gross me out with some old lady nudity or something right before they blurred it.

i didnt have very much power in the Scheduling department and i often had to do whatever the hell anyone asked me to do, which was funny that when stu or al would show up and say yo tony we need a favor, id reply with Anything, because i woulda had to do what they said anyway. still, they appreciated the effort and sometimes there was a little something i could do to help them out, even if it was not give them a hard time if they had to ask for something out of the ordinary.

sometimes for example there would be an episode that had lots and lots of nipples. like if there was a porn star or stripper contest and there were four girls topless on the screen.

we had a guy in the Paintbox room who would blur out the nudity. but normally it would take 8 hours to get the nipples blurred of one or two girls. but if there was twice as many nipples it would take a second 8 hour shift. sometimes they didnt predict that much time so in the waning hours right before air we had to rearrange the schedule, boot out shows who had previously booked time, squeeze the time out of the news that was to air live that evening, all so howard could air the shenanigans when he had told his radio audience it was going to air.

what i loved about stu and al was there was never any, “we’re the stern show, we’re number one in this place, therefore bow to us and get out of our way.” they are both two very soft spoken gentlemen who get the job done and dont pass the buck. if howard wants the show to air that night its going to air that night – not because howard is some tyrant – but just because no one wants to say something lame like “we ran out of paintbox time” or “there were just too many nipples”. and every single show that was supposed to air actually aired on time and properly mosaiced.

since today is one of the last stern shows on e!, next week will be the last week of new show, let me give you few stern fans a brief description of how the show gets from the radio to tv. first the show is taped live in new york. howard starts at 6am and usually runs till 10:30am. if its an awwwwesome show that everyone wants to see aired soon it gets edited in new york and spliced together before the end of the day. then the tapes gets sent either overnight delivery or via satelite to LA. in LA stu and al put the names under people’s faces, edit in the b-roll using e’s huge library of actors on the red carpet and being interviewed, and they blur out any nipple slip or offending tshirt. if its a topless show it gets mosaiced usually that night or the next night. therefore a show where someone gets naked will usually take 3-4 days to get on the air.

theres much speculation as to where howard is headed to next to air his tv show. if i was him i would go to an hbo or a showtime because a lot of the delay in airing his shows has to do with nudity. unless he has a paintbox operator on call as they edit the show (which still wont get you same-day results) theres no way that they can do day-of tv shows unless theyre on a channel that allows nudity.

and because he’s doing the radio show on Sirius, we can only imagine that the language will be more salty than ever. unless he wants his tv show to be filled with bleeps, i cant see why he wouldnt take this oppportunity to jump to a real cable channel while he has it.

my idea, as discussed before is he makes a deal with Cinemax or Showtime to allow him 4 hours uncut every weekday. nobody watches either of those channels daily. this would be their chance to have a low-budget show (since there’d be no editing or post-production costs) that could prove to be a viable option for their viewers unsatisfied with the primetime lineup on the major channels. already seen that episode of CSI? flip over to Cinemax and see who howard’s got naked.

seems like a no brainer to me.

today they were asking everyone what their favorite e show moment was.

mine is when they got that chick with the silver bikini to walk around the streets of new york with tampons up her nose.

i had finally been shocked.

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