yesterday i interviewed four very nice people

two matts a stuart and an aaron.

aaron for some reason isnt crazy about being interviewed on the phone, and i can appreciate that, i hate the phone too. and whats great is he likes aol chats. so for those of you who like inside baseball, meaning not just “yankees suck”, but intelligent deep deep discussion of our national pasttime, then you will enjoy any upcoming conversations with my favorite baseball blogger.

then i got on the horn and talked to canadian rocker and blogger matthew good who has returned from his mini tour across the great white north. we talked for about an hour and we both decided that it was a good interview but it wasnt perfect. i wouldnt call matthew a perfectionist but he cares far more about details than i do. i respect that and i should learn from his fine lesson.

whats also interesting is where i might look at blogging and podcasting as a fun lil hobby to do on the side, guys like matt good are talking about not just his life but his profession, and part of his profession depends on his image. id be a liar if i didnt admit that part of the formulae that goes into my cd-buying habits has to do with the politics of how i view bands. not “is it cool or not to buy BandX” but things like “Singer Y is an asshat, fuck if im ever going to buy his records again.”

mr good is quite aware of that mentality among music buyers and is wise to be careful about the things that might be misunderstood in the press and in blogs. especially in coversations with guys like me who try to get people to drop their natural defenses. what i like about matthew is i know we will have plenty of conversations in the future, on the record and off, and therefore i want the ones that will be on the record to be educational and interesting and insightful and one dry run practice is fine with me. it’ll be novel to hear me come across as professional and prepared for once.

i also had a nice chat with mr stuart berkowitz a producer of the howard stern show who is still employed at E! stuart and i worked side by side for several years. i called him when it looked like he might be laid off from E! like the crew in ny but he was already on vacation. today he called me back and we got to discuss my lay off and his current employment. i invited him repeatedly to talk in a podcast with me about some of his experiences on the show but he hesitated since its sorta well known that the behind the scenes staff of the show pretty much stay behind the scenes. again i respected his wishes since that show has been his profession for the last six years and my podcast is a bs lil hobby that i started a few days ago. i would hate to have stu’s future get jeopordized and i would be very saddened if i found that ive upset howard. stu and i are to have lunch next week so maybe i can get him to say hi to you all.

then i hung out all night with my good pal mr matt welch and his beautiful wife emmanuelle richard. matt and i sat in his backyard and talked all night about a variety of topics and drank bottles of wine. not only was it so much fun bopping from sports to politics to our glory days at the nexus, but it was great just to hang out with my former little league co-manager, something i rarely do despite living a half mile away.

you all realize im an idiot, right?

so matt and i talked until the batteries ran out of the player and then we talked some more and then em found more batteries and we talked even more. if you think me and aaron got into some inside baseball shit you should hear where me and matt went. fuck! and lucky you over the next week i will be sending portions of those conversations onto the web.

will you find it interesting? who knows. i hope you will. i tried to break them up by topic so if you dont like baseball dont download that segment. if i were you id download it anyway because you might want to hear me make fun of matt for knowing all the sick shit that he knows about baseball players of the turn of the century. its bizzare. how can you know someone for nearly 20 years and not realize that he can pull out names like Stuffy McGuinness and actually know who the fuck he is.

after he said that, of course i grabbed the mic and said, “for those of you listening, Matt is not reading off notes, nor has he made that name up. i know this because i know he’s not that creative.”

im a lucky man who has been blessed with awesome friends and cool coworkers. just like i feel blessed to live here in hollywood and i have made this blog as a way to give those of you a glipse of the real tinsle town, i am interviewing these people so you can meet, in a way, some of the best bloggers and coolest people. i know that if i had stayed in suburbs of chicago i would certainly appreciate interviews with people like stu and aaron and the matts, and thats what i think of when i do these things. you. the one in the burbs.

expect some more updates on the podblog supersoon.

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