ok im back in LA

so lets give some shoutouts and tie up loose ends

my first shoutout has to go to ms aj goddard and her lovely partner in crime dannette who threw open their incredible brooklyn home to me for the majority of my stay and treated me with hospitality that is certainly not limited to the south.

in fact aj gave me her entire bedroom, a clean towel, and such good vibes that i was able to accomplish feats in that fair city that i never thought would be possible.

she also drove marc and me around, sold books at my signing, dined with us, and even took me to the airport. such a friend i do not deserve but i’ll take it.

of course i blew it by forgetting to leave her my metro pass, forgetting to thank her on my blog while i was out there, and i think i forgot to give her a copy of How To Blog, but hopefully by now she realizes that im a space cadet and nothing that i do is meant to intentionally slight someone – unless theyve got it coming. and the only thing aj has coming to her is more success as a professor and artist and writer.

the next shoutout needs to go to mrs amy langfield who gave me her futon when my original plans fell through. she also hustled my books over to lolita’s and tried to track down the missing box of books from ups. amy, for some reason the books made it to Hollywood – to my po box – which is why the deal said Front Desk.

ah ups tracking. thanks for telling us the box was in ny when it was in la.

a big shoutout to evil china girl who came out to meet me and introduced me to her super fun roommates. i am neither a handsome man nor very fun, but they all pretended that i was both, and i appreciate that.

mega shoutouts to the fat man who cut me a huge slice of pot cookies. i ate some that night and the next night and they were delicious. i gave the rest to ms goddard because i dont like to fly with natural products.

big ups to marc brown who sent me out there with him to press the flesh and get the word out that buzznet is the place to be. as a matter of fact if anyone has pictures of us at any of the events that we were at be it fat man’s party, the lolita party, or BlogOn, just email them to tony.tony.nyctrip@buzznet.com and they will show up in my gallery.

you dont have to be a buzznet user to contribute, however, senior busblog would sure be happy if you did sign up.

thanks to the woman at BlogOn for putting our party invite on the BlogOn page

many thanks to all the kids who arrived at Lolita’s, thanks to jason for hooking us up with the daily show ducats, thanks to my agent for the lovely meal, thanks to ann for offering to adjust my shakra.

thanks for all of the people who wrote on their blogs about my trip to BlogOn and who quoted me, and thanks to Blogebrity for mentioning me twice but not bothering to add “Tony Pierce” tags but instead made “Jeff Jarvis” tags. it is good to be in their “A-Listwatching” shortlist, so i guess i should be happy. nice redesign too although black is beautiful.

thanks to the cabbies of new york for stinking bad, not really knowing english, and suprisingly not ripping us off.

also thanks to all the crooks of the city for not mugging me.

i had an unbelieveable time

and the food was delicious.

its only thursday but im clearly having the best week ever.

swung on and missed + terry frazier + raymi

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