juliette and the licksw/juliette lewis & the licks
west hollywood

tsar is the hottest band in america. hands down. thats not even in debate.

the question is why arent they getting any radio play outside of tinsel town.

the quartet fresh from touring canada and the pacific northwest took a two by four to the immaculate preconceptions of the lovely lesbians waiting to adore their juliette and turned half of them straight

in tiny puddles of glee.

mixing classic cuts with should-be hits from band girls money, jeff whalen and his posse took the stage precisely at 9:30pm and literally stopped time.

it was like the matrix except with better music

instead of bullets musical notes sped across the frozen audience and instead of the world rotating, all that moved were the camera angles until the universe nearly imploded and dan mashed his foot on the effect pedal

and then POW

atoms were split, lions layed down with lambs, good and evil frenched kissed in the vip section of the whosit and juliettes nipples hardened in her dressing room

a new child was borned named emmaunelle

this one minus the kidney problems

he sprouted wings collected his arrow and took aim up westhollywood accompanied only with the devil winds from santa ana

drunk with power and might and the promise of a few days off Tsar took no prisoners assualting our senses with rock slash roll, with generous doses of the former and a smidge of the latter.

the chick from the sopranos who died in the show and ended up in the hell called “joey” nearly spilt her drink.

jeff koganuts koga front and center wore a flack jacket and ducked under the flame of majesty as he snapped pictures of the event and late late last night posted his findings on blogging.la but left out the part where his hair had turned white and his rod had lenghtened and curled.

caterpillars evolved into elephants

moths turned into midgets

and the dreams and wishes of rock fans everywhere came to fruition on a stage once rocked by the doors, kiss, the eagles, and spinal tap; who it turned out, played there only as an preminition to what was to be the tsar show that you missed last night in los angeles.

some have taken me up on my invitation to witness the revolution and they came out believers in the Truth

some have chosen to continue to waltz to the dance of the dead

all i can do skywrite across the stratosphere

i cant make a horse drink.

but trust me when i tell you that theres a reason why karisa j left her hottub on the wesssside and why the lipsticked lesbians of hollywood left temple early and lined up on santa monica blvd to bathe in the holy spirt of rock

yes it was to see juliette lewis jump into the crowd not once but twice during her encore

but it was to find out what the fuck that crazy sound was, that buzz, that unchained melody, that careless whisper, that silent scream

its name is tsar

and they kiss girls too.

meet me in chicago on saturday night + hi gwen’s nipple + the doo dah was hot