two of my favorite canadian bloggers

emailed each other in an interview about Raymi.

kiddo and raymi virtually chatted the other day and it made it in kiddo’s school paper.

heres an excerpt

Raymi is a self-proclaimed alcoholic who blogs about her manic depression, her intoxicated escapades, her art, other bloggers, and anything and everything else that goes through her head. She has written articles on fascinating subjects, such as queefs and her childhood obsession with humping her childhood friends and inanimate objects. She has done this for the past five years, making her a reputable expert on the development of the blogosphere, and she has no intentions on stopping; well, with a few exceptions: “only if I went completely crazy, so much so that I just couldn’t handle it anymore, or if someone offered mea [sic] lot of money to stop doing it, or to buy my blog, or if I got really famous and didn’t have time to do it anymore; though if I were more famous I would probably still do it because I would be ten times more self-obsessed.”

Her writing style, as evidenced in that last quote, is a defining part of her online personality. Raymi employs the stream of consciousness style in a unique format (which we’ve cleaned up for publication), pushing beyond Brett Easton Ellis’ well-known gore-filled style. Raymi does not hold back. Ever. And you can hate her personality, blog, and pictures as much as you want—as trolls proclaim in her comments—but you cannot deny the fact that Raymi is as real as Dizzee Rascal is grime.

Plenty of bloggers have tried to imitate Raymi’s style (myself included). She is no doubt the most influential blogger among young female bloggers today, from starting the boob-shot trend to the incoherent-alcoholic-rant trend to the entry-with-random-irrelevant-picture trend. But what separates Raymi from all her followers, no matter how much they try and imitate her style, is the fact that her writing is consistently out in the open and uncensored.

A-list blogger Tony Pierce, Raymi’s biggest fan, put it best: “Raymi pours her soul out there for you. She tells it as it is. She walks the walk. She keeps it realer than real and I keep telling you to read her but you just scan for the nipples.”

as the kids say “read the whole thing

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the ironies keep flying

on the internets today:

The Talent Show today illustrates the idiocy of Pajamas Media changing their name to Open Source Media, and then being anything but Open Source:

Pajamas Media has launched under a new moniker, Open Source Media, or in their officially-sanctioned shorthand OSM™. Yes, the trademark symbol is part of the abbreviation to remind people that they’re not that “open source”. And in case you get any funny ideas about freely distributing and modifying any of OSM™’s intellectual property, every page is accompanied by a copyright notice and a link to the privacy policy :

Our Site and all its contents, which includes, but is not limited to, text, graphics, photographs, logos, video and audio content, is protected by copyright as a collective work or compilation under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries. All individual components of Our Site, including, without limitation, articles, content and other elements comprising Our Site are also copyrighted works. Additionally all of the weblogs linked to by us are likewise protected. You must abide by all additional copyright notices or restrictions contained on this site and our linked weblogs.

You may not reproduce, distribute, copy, publish, enter into any database, display, modify, create derivative works, transmit, or in any way exploit any part of this site. The only exceptions to this are that you may download material from Our Site for your own personal use, provided such download is limited to making one machine readable copy and/or one print copy that limited to occasional articles of personal interest only. No other use of the content of Our Site is permitted. Please contact our Sales Department if you wish to have rights other than those stated above.

As a comparison, here’s the notice at the bottom of DailyKos (who’s notably absent from OSM™’s blogroll) :

Site content may be used for any purpose without explicit permission unless otherwise specified.

The jury may still be out on whether or not OSM™ is a thinly-disguised conservative blog circlejerk, one thing is already clear. They’re not open source. I’ve always considered the intentional misuse of buzzwords to be a MSM™ phenomenon, but the guys in pajamas sure are quick learners.

but wait theres more, the original Open Source Media blogged this afternoon about the fact that indeed they own the rights to the name, that they’ve been around longer, and if you simply use a search engine when youre scouting out names you would have found them:

So this morning I got an email from a listener with the following subject header:

“did someone steal your name?”

Hm. A company that used to call itself Pajamas Media now calls itself Open Source Media, which is — scroll down to our legal notice — kind of exactly what we call ourselves. They’ve collected $3.5 million in venture capital, and, to celebrate their re-naming of our already-named name, they’re holding an event at the Rainbow Room.

So what to do. A couple of blogs — Atrios, Stephen den Beste, Dennis the Peasant, Begging to Differ, Homocon — have picked up on this already, unprompted, perhaps because if you Google “open source media”, we’re the third result. Presumably the new “Open Source Media” Googled their new name before they settled on it?

Don’t get us wrong; we didn’t invent the idea of working with bloggers to make media, we certainly didn’t invent the concept “open source,” and there’s plenty of room for everyone to do what we’ve been doing. But they chose the same name that we established in May and, seeing as how we work in the same industry, people might find that a little confusing. And that has us puzzled.

my advice to Pajamas Media, their blogger/writers, and their advisory board: cut and run, kids, cut and run.

Or you can ask your keynote speaker, Judy Miller, pictured, top, if she thinks this is something worth going to jail over.

Meanwhile: the Instapundit says he would have liked to have blogged from the OSM/Pajama Party launch – but it would have been too obvious. huh? one of the world’s most popular bloggers was ashamed to blog from a launch of a new blogging venture because he would have come across as… a blogger? fascinating.

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glenn reynolds is having a rough week

on friday Kevin Drum at the Washington Monthly put him in his place for posing the juvenile arguement that people who have the gall to suggest that the President misled us about the reasons that we went to war were unpatriotic.

according to the good professor the post created a load of hatemail. Glenn’s response: he says that Drum quoted him out of context. Drum sets him straight.

on Monday, the right-leaning Oxblog, who lists Glenn as the George Washington of Bloggers took Drum’s side… politely… soberly… and in a restrained manner, but basically says Glenn’s off base on this one.

in fact the fallout on that unfortunate post put the professor on the hot seat in what seemed like a hanging curveball for guys like oliver willis to knock out of the park.

the weekend seemed to just give people chance to reload in preperation for his next fuckup. in fact yesterday, for some reason, Glenn decided to send traffic to a blog who suggested that the media was to blame for Bush’s problems.

pro journalist Matt Welch took a billyclub to this argument and reminded his readers that this is exactly the type of thing that the Instapundit loves to promote – that Bush’s fuckups arent his, theyre everyone elses.

Glenn, in turn complained that Welch was dissing him.

but when soon-to-be blogger Andrew Sullivan defended Welch in his attack of Reynolds’s bizarre stance, i nearly felt sorry for the tennessee prof.

especially in light of the fact that his new venture Pajamas Media had started off on such a horrible foot, most recently when they hired and then fired Luke Ford – a move Cathy Seipp says they had to do. Seipp explains that the SD Reader wouldnt run a pro-abortion rights piece or an anti-Israel piece in the New Republic — but then she says that Ford is basically anti-porn and his coverage keeps them in check. which means that would be like the SD Reader firing a reporter simply for covering the abortion issue.

but now to add insult to injury, the renamed PJ Media, now Open Source Media, got a little press on Reuters – but the news service put pictures of the OSM launch in the CIA Leak Investigation slide show. Is Reuters trying to tell us something?

and sadly, Reuters chose to snap pics of several of the bloggers of OSM, including one of Charles Johnson of LGF (above) but alas, none of the blogfather.

and if the bloodletting couldnt get any worse, long-time journalist Jeff Jarvis, logs in from halfway around the world to see the launch via a webcast and is still not impressed with OSM. complaining that indeed Judith Miller is still going to give the keynote, and that theres someone on the panel who thinks blogging is “absurd.”

let’s see if glenn calls her unpatriotic and then blames the media for planting her on the stage.

[update: Dennis the Peasant reports that the name Open Source Media is the name of someone else’s company. Whoopsie. Maybe they should just go back to Pajamas Media. developing…}

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