in august LAist had its biggest month ever.


the second biggest was july, followed by june. just because my bosses are happy doesnt mean that everyone is. here is something someone wrote to me about my labor, on labor day, which just goes to show you, you can lead a horse to water but stand back because he’ll soon have to piss:

I try not to hate anyone , I believe in kindness and understanding, what bothers me is that a person like Tony Pierce is an editor of anything, the lack of intellect that he exudes should place him in a more suitable profession, such as bar tending or detailing cars, or just anything that doesn’t require any more thought than vacuuming a room.

he seems to be the kind of person that hears something from a bunch of 20 year old kids and makes an opinion on the conversation and writes it down for thousands to read but has no real knowledge of the issue, has researched nothing, hasn’t enlisted the advice from anyone in the know, but thinks because he “FEELS” a certain way about an issue and other uninformed people around him “FEEL” the same way he must be right.
I really don’t blame him at all, I blame the people higher up that hire idiots like him to right opinion pieces on the major issues of the day that can influence thousands of other uninformed idiots.
Please try and hire Intelligent people that will inform themselves before they inform others about how or what they “FEEL” on an issue, and if they cant relate an informed view, take their podium away and let them go to the park and stand on a bench and ramble on about when the worlds going to end or why gas prices are so high or why the president wasn’t carrying Katrina survivors out on his own shoulders two hours after the levies broke or any other issue he really knows nothing about except how he “FEELS”.

as if this will mean anything to anyone up there , HOPE.

today is LA’s 225th birthday! + jmo + franklin avenue + terra