five years ago

today i got more upset with right wing fake bloggers than i do now

fuck drudge, who knows less about music than he does about television or politics. fuck drudge for being the least talented and unfunniest fuck who ever tried to gank a style from a better age – a time when Blacks were more fucked than ever, and when television didn’t have cable, and when the Internet was a secret that the Good Lord had yet to pull from his sleeve. also a time when no paper in the free world would have allowed such a hack like drudge to do more than scream extra extra on its filthy corners.

there is an art to being a negative creep and practice all he wants, he’s a failure. like a crack baby taking its first steps, drudge falls on his face each and every time. i have yet to see him even come up with one original lead and it pains me that the kids look up to him, but like their love for Mickey Mouse and dirt pies, they’ll grow out of this passing fad soon enough, i’m sure. just watch.

among all the good things that went down last night on mtv, so many that N*Sync apologized each time they won, basically, was a killer rock group named Mudvane, dressed in white tuxedoes and bullet holes in the center of their foreheads. they won the MTV2 award – consistant with the fresh approach to the fledgling new channel.

but drudge is not a man, he’s a hole where you can rat-out your boss and he’ll post it and call it journalism. he’ll post it, that is, as long as it’s juicy, and as long as it aligns with his predictable and petty politics. if he’s gonna steal styles, why can’t he copy real writers like Cobain, Hemingway, or Plath? and i dont mean mimic how they wrote.

sure it makes for funny posts, but it gives them more attention than they deserve. sure the instapundit has replaced drudge as the king of comedy but ignoring both of them have seemed to produce the desired result since theyve both dropped substantially in places like the technorati top 100, which means that either i have incredible influence or im not the only one who has grown tired of their humorless propaganda and are no longer shocked by it.

besides, with every hit those guys get a saudi has earned a new virgin since they continue to help us keep our eyes off the prize. because if you recall, the saudis crashed planes into the wtc, not iraqis, not closeted gays, and not pajamas media.

if bush wants to take the focus off his friends the sauds, and if yes men on the payroll with blogs want to play politics with the safety of america, thats their sin they have to deal with. and lord knows ive got plenty of my own. pa-lenty.

justagirl + mike g + mark

its 536am ive had like three hours sleep in two days

stripperim outta control. im insane. im writing emails and blog posts and comments and lust letters for losers and im in the playoffs in fantasy baseball and im making dvds for people who put me up on the road and im making a video tape for a hot girl in mlps and now im watching Next and not only did all i want was a pepsi but all i wanted was to play PSP.

have i told you about this PSP, this company wanted me to review their movie for the busblog and i said great what theatre is it playing in and they said no no we will give you the movie and i was totally full on expecting a dvd but instead they freaking sent me a brand new psp and gave me the movie and the movie wasnt very good so i told them do you really want me to tear this film of yours to shreds because trust me i can do that and they were all uh nah just enjoy the device.

Jessica in chicago asked me about tattoos and the bible. i forget her exact question but i sorta recall her asking where in the bible it says that you cant have tattoos and baby its Leviticus 19:28

Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.

now some people say oh Leviticus 19 isnt that the same general area that says “You shall not cut the hair on the sides of your heads, neither shall you clip off the edge of your beard.” which is why the hasidics have those curls over their ears?

well, yes, that line is actually right before where it says dont have tattoos. and even though i cut all the hair on the sides of my head and clip off the edge of my beard for some reason i dont think its the same thing as not getting a tattoo. i know i know omg tonys flawed. yep thats me. id freaking love tattoos. it would change my life cuz id work out like LL so my back could say 93117 in gothic numerals but for some reason,,, whatever i cant explain it. maybe im going to hell.

im probably going to hell. yesterday i posted this busblogish story about the stingray that killed the croc hunter apologizing. i thought it was funny, which frankly is all that i worry about, and it helped get us the biggest day ever during my evil reign and it also got me a few death threats and hella negative comments.

the main reason for all of those results was because of my headline that somehow made it to the top of the page and stayed there for a little while. it was the biggest avalanche of hits id ever seen. i took a screenshot because it was so funny. it looked like The Onion.

one dayyesterday i had to do a lot of errands which is one reason i woke up at noon after going to sleep at 9am. as i did the errands i realized i hadnt eaten and it was 4pm. i had to buy a new camera and it was sorta a big purchase and i almost passed out. so i went to jack n the crack and got their new egg and bacon burrito and i still was sorta light headed but i had to get to hollywood blvd because i remembered there was a tiny shop across from the Geisha House that sold new luggage supra cheap. i was insane in there. non stop talking for some reason.

oh and before i got there i got lost cuz i thought it was closer to kung pao kitty and guess who was on the phone next to his limo as i passed by? mc fucking hammer. he was yelling at someone so i gave him the double six shooter point ala isaac from loveboat. later we crossed paths again when he was heading to popeyes and i had made a uturn to walk west.

im losing it america. bbut as we passed he said much love my brotha and i said oakTOWN!

cobrasnake sent me the shirt that everyone said was the ugliest shirt ever except he got me one in green. i cant say that its much better than the pink, infact if i had gotten the pink i was gonna give it to the next fine lady that sent me something unmentionable but instead i think i will keep this shirt not just because it really is the ugliest thing but because it smells bad too.

i might not make it out of here tomorrow/today, i still have a lot of loose ends i need to tie before i hit the road. which is weird because im not even supposed to be here right now.

i got a phone call from africa the other day and i was on top of the world.

my interview with COOP!