there were times when

i was giving the sponsors of the busblog more than their moneys worth and now it looks like the sponsors of LAist are getting way more than their moneys worth as this weekend the hottest city based blog in your heart got more hits than in any day of last month. and last month was the most popular month ever. until this month. this month, because of this weekend, we’ve already beaten last month.

its been such a successful month that ive already grown a beard and then shaved it off.

tonight i went out on a date from the online dating service that i am a member of. its the first date ive ever gotten off an online dating service.

she was really pretty, really smart, very nice. but sadly not a love connection.

im pretty sure im bound to live alone forever.

karisa suggested that i get a cat.

we saw happy feet. which was good, except for the ending.

i hadnt been to an animated film at the theatre in a long time. probably not since i saw team america with danielle. the color was amazing. the arclight might cost a lot but you always get a great quality movie experience. and i see so few movies that you might as well go for it when you do go out.

im listening to rodney on the roq’s christmas show. its 1:16am. after i post this i have to do the AM news and prepare a contest. we’re going to give away tickets to the new years eve flaming lips gnarls barkley cat power concert.

so far we’ve gotten very good turnout for our Best of 2006 list. like i said before xeni and mark from boingboing gave us lists, as did the dude frank from postsecret, and then we got the dude from the decemberists and then la city nerd and a bunch other people including brooke hogan.

its her real typewriting, you can tell.

youd think thats what would have gotten all the hits this weekend, but no it was the photo essay of the ucla kids running around in their underwears. some of it is really nice underwear, gotta say.

and ive gotta say that im extremely happy that the most viewed LAist post ever was not created by yours truly.

why am i so happy? because the job of an editor is to provide a place where others can flourish.

and that fucker flourished so much that it went nuts on thursday went totally nuts on friday and then mellowed out but even its mellowing was massive.

the lifeless bears defense probably killed my fantasy football playoff hopes. thanks slackers. 31 points to tampa bay?

i literally lost my hat tonight.

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