we had a good day at LAist yesterday

– a link sorta worthy of all caps
– ucla gets hacked; 800,000 compromised
– the mysterious kosmo card which im still not sure i understand
– thinking about her made me cry on sunday
– Van Halen to David Lee Roth: “‘Dude, get your ass up here and sing, bitch!”
– howard on letterman
– nerf herder to celebrate the Rumor
– how to ruin the best friends with benefits
– eric gagne: gone, eh
– incredible lineup of live concerts including wolfmother (bonus, video)
– LAist Interview: Armin Van Buuren
– Spank Rock pre-write, and bonus video for the song “Rick Rubin”
– i must say my Extra, Extras are getting better
– Analysis of the first 25% of the Laker season so far
– ratatat concert review, palladium

i fell asleep on the couch last night. when i was in orlando we stayed at a five star resort that had won the resort of the year twice, recently.

they were tooting their own horn about how comfortable the beds were, 89million thread count, increadible comforters, etc. and the beds were nice, but i slept all night without even moving probably on my big black leather couch and i woke up this morning perfectly happy. go figure.

watched the hunter s thompson doc on Starz. pretty good. they got everyone you could get. gary busey was pretty good. so was bill murray, but hunter stole the show.

i liked that he would call people at 4am, and wake up at 4 pm. and would always over order like “six beers and four margueritas please.” thats who i want to party with.

so few people know how to party.

i saw some exceptions in canda though.

i watched snoop dogg on directv’s Free channel. ive gotta ask alistair if hes part of that channel cuz it was sorta a bummer that they bleeped the d-o double g.

they could at least have some showings in the wee hours that people could tivo thats uncensored.

speaking of which it was nice to see howard on letterman today although im getting a little sick of the new gwen stefani song. and her outfits arent any good any more.

i ate a half a pound of shrimp today and talked dirty to a girl from kansas who had the wrong number.

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