the year the busblog sold out

march 2006

3/2 lent. fuck lent. fuck fucking lent. wanna give something up for lent – give lent up for lent. better yet, give up catholicism forever. lent isnt in the bible. lent isnt even close to being in the bible.

3/3 i got a little thing i wrote in the austin chronicle

3/3 how to beat writers block

3/4 “people still think im their monkey. still!”

3/5 four things survey in which i said that i went to every day

3/6 my true love’s last days in america before she headed off to africa for the peace corps

3/8 in which i apologize to my blog for working too much on buzznet stuff

3/8 a busblog experiment where we tried to sink michele malkin out of the top ten and launch crooks and liars above her. then, 3/8, she was at 10 and he was at 13, as of today, 12/24, malkin has dropped to 13 and c&l are at 11. you’re welcome.

3/9 mark edge tells me what shows to see at sxsw. including gogol bordello who was definitely one of the top three shows (gb, the go team, the bell rays)

3/11 first day of sxsw i meet leah who id been reading for five years and is way cuter and way cooler in person.

3/12 day two, i meet the texas roller girls who id end up spending a week with, and the cobrasnake took a picture of me working

and i got to see honky for the first time

3/13 day three met many people including craig from craigslist, dooce, and robert scoble

3/14 a nice picture of dooce, her husband, doc searls, and henry copeland

3/14 eating room service and reminiscing about the night before with oh so many roller girls

3/15 and thats why im drunk and its just about midnight and thats why i took a bigger leajk and thats why now im headed to the Red Bull House to see Goggogogol Bordellow and i understand a former singer of Janes addiction is going to be on the wheels of steel which is what they say in showbizznes is one night i wont soon remember.”

3/15 i meet whitney from usa today and she writes about the buzznet house the next day

3/16 i see peter case and the go! team both who were amazing

3/17 i see honky for a second time, gogol bordello, and of montreal, blog drunk for the third straight night

3/17 i see the grates, my chemical romance, and pretty in stereo. all really good.

3/18 while hanging out with the roller girls luke and owen wilson show up at our party and the blonde one gets pissed when i dare to take his picture

3/18 i see the bellrays at asher’s room 710 and they completely rule.

3/19 me and leah have lunner, then she gets hassled by the fuzz

3/20 on the tenth straight day of drinking and seeing bands i check out locals castle siege and fuckemos

3/20 33 1/3 things that i learned at sxsw. the third being that marc canter rolls good joints because that was somewhat expected.

3/21 i posted shittons of texas roller derby pics from the day before

3/22 after a day of being home im feeling a little depressed and a tad sick and LAist tells people to come and tell me its gonna be ok

3/23 the snakes on a plane buzz hits buzznet

3/25 i give v for vendetta a hundred stars

3/26 me and karisa see the hellacopters. i show the world my one pack.

3/27 mariah careys birthday = annual tribute of lust

3/30 ive been sick for two weeks and my ipod dies. whoa is me.

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