dear tony, … f#%^&ng Grossman, think he’l get his walking papers?

What we saw yesterday was the first chapter of a Bears dynasty.

If the keep Lovie and they keep Lance Briggs, which of course they will (although they should have signed them both a while ago) they will still have a very young, very talented team.

Urlacher is only 28, Hester is a rookie, that was Rex’s first real season, we have two good running backs who are learning to work together, and there’s no real dominating teams in the NFC, although the Saints are just as young and exciting.

I think Rex did very well for himself in his first Super Bowl. He kept his QB rating in double digits, and he only threw two INTs in a game where he should have been handing the ball off way more.

In the regular season the Bears were 11-5 last year and 13-3 this year.

As a life long Chicago Bears fan, I can tell you that Rex Grossman is your typical Bears QB – compltely unpredictable and retarded. And even though its his fault that we lost the Super Bowl, he’s also a big reason why we got there.

i dont know what kind of pussy he got tonight, but i hope it was good. though not too good. when you get a snap from an all-pro center, you shouldnt be fumbling it. let alone two of them.

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