do i blame rex? hell yes.

Super Bowl XLIbut if i do that then i also have to credit rex for getting us to the super bowl, and im not so crazy about doing that either.

do i blame lovie and the offensive coordinator for not establishing the run before going to the air… in the rain… with basically a rookie quarterback?

hell yes.

fuck whoevers decision it was to pass on 1st and 2nd downs and run on 3rd and long.

if it was Opposite Day, kfc would have paid me to get a bucket of chicken to drown my sorrows.

da bears tried to pretend like they had peyton manning at qb. everything was a pass. and when the bears did run, they found some success. still they never went back to it, in a serious manner.

so yes, rex looked nervous back there, but whoever was calling the plays for the bears were nervous too. they did not trust the offensive line, they did not trust what got them to the super bowl, they did not trust their backs, and once it was only t jones in the backfield they stopped trusting him too.

8 rushes in the first half and 7 in the second half?


for most of the game the bears were in it, but then they literally threw it away. according to the post game report on comcast sportsnet chicago, 70% of the fans in the stands were there for the bears, and ironically the florida weather sucked the energy out of the wet and miserable fans.

prince was amazing though.

however whoever was in charge of the audio for the show should not just be fired, but hung, because that performance was so good it could have been a cd.

why does everyone freak out on super bowl sunday? you know prince is gonna be there. you know the songs hes gonna sing. mic the fucking band and equalize that shit and shit.

when i got home i got an email from one of ashleys sisters telling me that ashley had gotten engaged, so yeah, perfect day.

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