the broken car radio secretly drained my battery

so i had to haul ass to the post office by foot. omg.
my shit had to be postmarked or else my landlord would get extra money.
how does he deserve any extra money?

from now on
i will only write
in haikus

but i will be able to change the rules whenever i want.

the funny thing to me about my book, how to blog, was i didnt really spend very much time talking about how to blog.

therefore perhaps i should call the next one, introductory haiku techniques.

i am going to a baseball game tomorrow with the lovely young woman who was instrumental in getting me my job at LAist and even though readers of the busblog will probably not approve, she will never have to reach in her wallet all day.

i owe her a lot and im so very grateful.

today my bosses said i was doing a good job and thats always very nice. but its not me, its the staff. and of course the influence of raymi, and of course the Lord.

and probably also shira and layne, and the scientologists

and of course karisa adn jeanine and tomdog and basart

and the girl who called this evening after i had just walked to the post office all the way back to midnight tacos who pulled up to my door and said hey and i said why didnt you call first and she said i did why didnt you take yr phone and i was all oh no wonder things were so quiet

a walk without a phone. imagine that.

and she whispered got time for a quickie


and kelly clarkson aka high pitch.

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