when theres no girls around i can work

but the problem is when im satisfied in that area im a tad too focused on work, and today i worked for twelve hours straight noon to midnight and there is something very wrong with me.

because when i realized i had only gotten up to pee and get more water or rum (you really should alternate) and then sat right back down to the computer, for twelve hours, i went to my room to get some pants so i could eat some food.

for some reason my body had allowed me to be quite content on four or five organic seven grain corn flakes each hour.

do you why i worked so much today. because the penis was happy because the heart was happy because the mind was happy. and because i have an unbelievable assortment of contributers that are churning out some incredible things.

i dont know if you garden but i do. my mother did and because i love her i learned too. true i learned so that when weed became legal i could quit everything and turn out the greatest variety of weed known to man, but i have learned to garden. and one of the nice things about gardening is when you realise that something has actually started growing. and whats really fun is when it sprouts up fast.

its fun because its partially because of you, partially because of it and partially because of some unknown magical force that for the lack of a better term we’ll call God.

that three man weave of love is addictive like no other video game ive ever played. it doesnt matter if we’re losing or winning im driven exactly the same. not out of fear, not out of pressure, not out of lack of trust, only out of curiosity.

curiosity as in, what is this strange beast, what does this button do, what does this lever do when this is doing this, and then of course theres the human element.

people will always surprise you if you let them and sometimes they will blow your mind. and if youre smart it wont matter if they blow your mind by playing the piano well or talking about jesus or making out against a tree next to a bar in los feliz california.

i say this because some of the best new magic at LAist is from a photographer who goes to shitloads of dodger games. she does photo essays and writes funny ass commentary. here she talks about uggs.

however my favorite post recently was when zach did a photo essay of men walking down the street in high heels to raise awareness. you must check it out.

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