i had a great holiday weekend and i hope you did too.

laist bbq

i hosted not one but two bbqs and my personal trainer says that a body in motion stays in motion therefore a bbq thats grillin stays grillin

sunday was our monthly LAist meeting which is usually a dozen or so rounds at a local tavern, but because our staff has been growing like crazy it was decided that we were to get a keg of beer and have it at my house.

because it was the day before memorial day and we’re all proud patriots, we figured there should be some hotdogs and chicken on a flaming grill so i made an iTunes playlist, i had my maid show up on friday, and on sunday people showed up and it was really really really fun.

i seriously dont like hosting parties but when its over and i look back, often times im happy i did it. i really like the people who write with me and its nice to be able to give back since they all volunteer their free time to make that site as good as it is.

this month we could get lucky and break the all time record, but it looks like we might just slip under it by a tad. it all depends, i guess, on how many people at work feel like goofing off today and how many wanna get right to work.

last night i saw Quiet Company at the Silverlake Lounge. that is Leah’s husband’s band. before the show i got a call from them telling me they were coming into town from Vegas and i was all, awesome, i have all this left over bbq stuffs: chicken, hot dogs, buns, beer. and they were all awesome we’re a starving band on the road.

so we ate, drank and then they rocked the house.

good times.

i wont even talk about whats going on with the cubs. that would be silly.

one of the nicer things about our monthly meetings is i get to finally meet the new people who have recently signed up to write for us. and the other day i got to meet Malingering, who i seriously thought was a 400 lb woman. ms fader, her friend, said you really dont know what she looks like? and i said nope. and i told her what i expected and malingering came in the house a good 300 lbs lighter than i thought, attractive, and even her sister was cute. they both looked almost exactly like the new miss universe, congratulations, btw.

but the biggest surprise was something i should have expected – the girl took all these pictures and didnt stop. it was awesome. it was really malingering!

and because it was malingering, i had to show off my muffin top. photos i will share with you once she posts em.

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