i saw the arcade fire tonight.

my body is a cage.

somehow i found myself without a date. but jesse jackson once said where theres oppression theres opportunity. and even though my lust life was being temporarily oppressed it meant that i had the opportunity to spend all the money on just me.

which meant when the first scalper said i got a ticket in the back for $50 i said no thanks, i will spend more if you can get me close, all i need is one ticket.

and it also meant that when the second scalper said i got a ticket in the middle for $70 i said hmmmm. but then no thank you.

and the third scalper said i have one ticket in the middle of the first section for $80 i said, dont any of you brothas have anything in the front? this is the mothafuckin arcade fire playing where there was just a damn fire.

and this guy smiled and showed me a ticket that said section A, middle, fourth row.

and he said $140.

and everyone looked at me and i said nice. and people talked around us and i didnt say anything because the trick in sales is the first person who talks loses.

i looked at the ticket. i made sure it was for the right day. i felt the weight of it. i looked at the ink. and yeah it was telling me i had a great ticket.

unfortunately i had only gotten $100 out of the atm on the way up the mountain to the greek. and sure i coulda probably walked the dude over to an atm but thats not right.

then we heard a big cheer from the crowd which meant the arcade fire was about to go on stage, and the dude said, gimme a hundred

and within minutes i was right up in there.

later i got a Pinks hotdog and a gordon beirch beer because thats what they sell at the greek. and i danced with the asian girls in my row. and the stacked parking at the greek for $15 is lame but its what we deserve for driving cars.

and here it is 1:23am and im still blown away and i realize ive told you nothing abou tthe show.

first of all being in section a doesnt mean front section, theres a 8 person deep pit between the stage and section a. which is fine. better, in fact because you get to hear a nice mix of PA speakers and the band’s actual amps.

i get into so many free shows and get so much free stuff, this was money very well spent because it was exactly what i wanted, exactly perfectly done with the best band touring right now.

on LAist i said that arcade fire is the best band even better than Rage against the Machine and no one said shit cuz its true. fuckers had nine people on stage today. all wailing, all being adorable, all playing new fucking music. they are so young and talented i cant wait until they get used to being better than everyone else and quit playing down to their competition.

it was a beautiful show musically, but there was very little freshness in the show. there wasnt much show. they were very happy, we were very happy, but there was no danger. when i saw them play at devore with ashleys friend anne the dudes ran out in to the crowd and thew their sticks at the big screens and people were panicking and it seemed like they were trying to prove that they deserved to be headlining that thing soon.

last night it was like, yes we made it, lets sit back and play you the great tunes we have. which is nice. actually, it is nice. sometimes you should enjoy a simmering crackling fire as much as a freaking blaze.

and i still might go back tomorrow.

one full song and eight pictures here

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