does it please me to watch the instapundit

simpsonsdrop like a stone

wasnt it just a year ago that he was still in the technorati top 10 and now hes #86 with no end in sight?

of course it does.

its a perfect lesson to the kids out there. no one wants to read bullshit. no one is interested in modern day propaganda any more.

its also an excellent lesson that if youre wrong about everything, you lose

but worse, if youre right about libertarianism and conservatism, but you fail to embrace The libertarian conservative in the race

then youve probably just been a huge liar the whole time

and blogs arent where you go for lies.

you go there to find out what people really think.

you go there to read the words of the courageous.

now, if you ask me if im pleased that whats replaced the instapundits id have to say no. especially the sites that pretend they know how to make money off blogging, but moreso the people who go there.

lets be honest about making money with blogging – only the very very very very few do it. and half of them dont know how it worked out that way. in that sense its like pop music. either the kids are buying your bullshit or theyre not.

it cannot be contrived. and going to those sites and trying to contrive your blog is a royal waste of time and an insult to the medium.

if you want to make money at blogging you have to be a good blogger. the way you become a good blogger is you blog good for a long time. sorry.

but heres the good news. unlike other things like piano playing or weightlifting or oil painting – anyone really can be a very good blogger. it doesnt matter what school you went to, how poorly you write, how shitty your design is, or how crappy your computer is.

if you blog every day and keep changing things and keep growing. and keep talking to people and writing to people and being part of the blogosphere, you too can be successful.

start with writing every day for fifteen minutes. if you cant do that write for five minutes without hitting the enter key. lets go

its 110am i shouldnt have smoked that joint with her. who smokes joints in a house anyways? joints are for outside. joints are for little sneaky situations.

for surprises like youre on a sailboat freezing your ass off cuz its october and when you get into the little baby galley someone pulls a joint out and says hey look what i found. thats what joints are for. not hey lets oprah stoned. oprah is fatter stoned, fyi.

its 111am. how on earth did i write all that in a minute and change. ok lets talk about the yankees.

fuck the yankees.

it makes me so happy that they spent a quarter billion dollars and nothing. it makes me so happy that they still have no concept how important pitching is. how do you keep making that mistake year after year? ted lilly on the yankees might have changed everything. i bet it woulda.

113am she snores like an old man. her body catches her snoring and tries to shut it off, then the head leans back and there it gets cranking again. whoops it caught itself.

am i the only person whose body actually goes to sleep like passes out when its asleep like no catching like no dreaming just pitch black silence death? only if i have the radio on do i stir in my sleep but if i hit the sleep button properly once im out im dead to the world and i dont even move unless moved. but this one, motion even when sleeping. nuts.


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