when your routine is all out of wack

and when the precious balance in your life is totally out of balance. and its the month of libra. the month where balance should be like no problem.

but something doesnt want to get with the program. which keeps everything out of wack. well, its wack.

and you will walk downt the street and everything will continue to seem wrong and you will act in ways that you normally dont act. and if you are normally mr cool the lamest little nothings will infuriate you.

and the things that should make you totally cry, like seeing a little butterfly dying in a little piece of mud, doesnt make you cry.

it makes you grab your camera

take a picture

and put it on your buzznet account

so you can title it

die, butterfly, die.

but thats not mean enough so you title it

say hi to death senior butterfly.

but you dont know how to get that little tilde across the n

so you title it

say hi to death mr butterfly.

and walk over to quiznos not feeling one bit of anything.

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