friendsgiving ’07

not everyone has a mom who lives within driving distance.
not everyone wants to fly across country for a few days especially when youre just gonna do the same damn thing 3 weeks later.
and not everyone has awesome friends that you’ve known for decades
and not everyone sees those awesome friends all the time, thanks to children, babies, jobs, and life

so thankfully charlie and bonnie invented Friendsgiving where all the friends come over and bring food and wine and babies and gays and we all eat and laugh and reminisce.

mr. dave ladelfa, because california is so anti-meat, created, instead of a Turducken, this pumpkin rice dish stuffed inside a pumpkin, surrounded by more rice and corn and beans, stuffed inside another pumpkin.
he calls it a Pumppumpkin

because i play the role of the eccentric uncle perfectly i lost the directions i had JUST written down to get to bonnie and charlie’s rental home (theyre renovating their real house) but apparently in their swanky neighborhood, when a black man is walking down the street on thanksgiving with two bottles of wine, two loaves of bread, and a House of Pies dutch apple pie, looking into windows, he can be expected to be greeted by nosey (and very nice) neighbors who ask “where are you trying to go”?

and every house is pointed out and finally bon and charlies are found thanks to the painting of Greg Vaine sticking his tongue out “oh there are my friends! thanks for your help nice asian man!”

many more pics from last nights fest here.

thanks bonnie and charlie!!!!!

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