guess which website brought me to tears of joy today?

yep. the one youre probably bored to tears of me talking about.

like a proud parent lemme tell you a quickie lil story before i head off to Friendsgiving.

yesterday i sent out an email saying everyone write something about Thanksgiving, i dont care if you havent written in a while, i dont care if youre tired, i dont care if youre “busy”, i dont care if youre in jail. write it, put a pic on top, and post it.

i was a little afraid theyd blow me off and be insulted that i was being demanding – ok very afraid – they are volunteers after all and it was last minute and they might very well be busy and in jail and thus very tired.

but they came through in a bigger way than probably any web site in america.

so go ye and check out all the things LAist is thankful fer.

and know that on top of all the things i mentioned below, im extremely grateful to have you here on the busblog. i know you probably feel like an estranged mistress, but you’ll always be my baby.

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