i came to college a virgin, a boy, an innocent

and i dont want to pretend like i walked out a Man, but mama mia the things that i learned and experienced and am still trying to figure out in my head…

one of the most fascinating people i met was a tiny little whisp of a dream named Death.

somehow the lord put her in my dorm. st. nicholas dorm. aptly named because every day a little bit of Christmas arrived.

one day i looked out my window and there was Death dressed in black, platinum hair, reading a book, under a palm tree. just like it was the most normal thing in the world.

she was marilyn manson way before he even got outta grade school. she was s&m before there were letters for it. she was the scariest person id ever seen and yet incredibly beautiful and short and petite and thin and wow.

one day she came up to me and told me that she read my newspaper articles and i said hi and she said hi and we chit chatted very quietly as isla vista errupted around us and a week later i saw a party with all these people going crazy and there she was doing a tassle dance

later she said hi and i said hi and she said i have a knife under my bed

and i said please tell me everything about your knife and your bed and you.

and she said oftentimes i wake up and i cant believe ive been tricked into being close to another man, and i reach under the bed and i pull out the knife

and i thought, remember to make out with her on the beach.

timmmmmaaaaay brings us a recent picture of kim, who clearly stills got it

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