raymi sez giver more

raymi: why havent u blogged about my weblogs awards yet
look who is beating me for f sake

me: busy weekend. btw im speaking at that event

raymi: yes u said that. i need votes now! u wantto be speaknig about yourfriend right

me: tell people you will get naked or something if you win. or you wont if you lose.

raymi: no. jus tfucknig do it now!

me: crap, youre getting creamed

raymi: yeah but i can close in if u help me

me: why hasnt mg helped?

raymi: i close in and then at nite she magically gets 500 + votes the weblog guys are looking in to see if theres cheating afoot
cos he refuses to

me: ahahaha

raymi: i need your fucknig help now

me: send me a hot pic, and i will put it on my blog

raymi: http://www.flickr.com/photos/raymilauren/1848406963/

me: ok youre getting there. but i need horizontal

raymi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuEu8MbL6Oo

me: how you gonna get votes in the shadows

raymi: dude ive got millions of fofots jeez they know wha ti look like
im stressing here and no onecares hjut do it already

me: i like the vid. post coming up in 1 min

raymi: thanky so much

they can vote everyday til nov 8

and talk shit abitu the competition
conservative soulless link dump blog

me: k

Vote For Raymi Y’all

Sent at 11:14 AM on Monday

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