my favorite zine, black webmaster,

has chosen me to guest edit their next deal

and while we were chatting they said

name the top ten coolest things that youve done because of the busblog

and i said, the busblog is old school, how about 10 sweet things we did on LAist today

and they said bro we’re a zine, we’re the epitome of old school. please?

so since they used the magic word here’s a short list for them and no one else

1. wrote the first blook, held a contest where jeff jarvis named it blook, sold it, and two others later.
2. raised enough money to get an ipod, and later a better one.
3. raised enough money to go to aruba.
4. got interviewed on g4tv.
5. got asked by the dutch government to blog about amsterdam for a week.
6. explained how to blog, then won a bloggie for that explaination.
7. got quoted by howard kurtz – a nice long quote too.
8. raised enough money to get a car, then drove around the damn country.
9. became friends with raymi and then matt good and then all of canada.
10. and theres no way id have my current job without the busblog, so theres that too.

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