jason ross finally gets some air time

daily nexus alum, and former editor in cheif jason ross has been writing for the daily show for hell… ever. fuckers got emmys coming out of the ass, a nice family, and he seems to be using that flowbee i sent him.

actually im jealous. not of his job, of his hair. so shaggy. so carefree.


jason followed charlie who followed larry who followed amy who followed elzer. amy sent me a link to this video but NO ONE SAID HEY DUMMY WATCH JASON ROSS BRING TEH FUNNY.

since jason is having an early christmas vacation, and since he claims he has much love for the busblog, i’ll tell you what, if you dole out some questions i should email him, and if hes nice enough to answer them, i will put the “interview” on the interwebs

for yr ass.

and thank you God for indicting Barry.

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