no one in LA covered KT Tunstall’s visit bettern LAist

and i honestly can say it wouldnt have happened if it wasnt for kira

who interviewed KT on the phone the other day

even though power went out in her house

so she went back to work in mcdonalds and used the back office to do the innerview

i kiss you, kira.

so today when capital wrote me they said hey you know shes playing for the strikers right? and i said nope, why dont you write me a press release and i will link to it or quote from it or something.

and they said we dont have a press release, im just telling you cuz you rule.

then i swear 30 minutes after we had that email convo, their PR company sent out an email of pretty much exactly our conversation. then my boss who never writes me wrote me with the email to see if i got it, then the editor of Phillyist wrote me to see if i got the email. then the kitchen sink wrote me to see if i got the email.

i got it!

so i went to the rally. at first there werent lots of people there. then i was gonna go and move my car, but right before i did there was KT and i was in the right place at the right time and the circle went around me and her and i shot this video and another one over here where i also took hella pics.

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