sexy rexy won the damn game for da bears today

chicago bears fans but you cant go to reuters or AP and find a picture of the former starter who came in late in the second quarter after Brian Greise was forced to leave the game after a curious shoulder injury.

Why are there no pictures of Grossman who won the game with a 59-yard bomb with the bears down by a field goal and only three minutes left to play? because most of the time that sexy was on the fieldy he was on his assy.

soon as dummy got in the game he fumbled the first snap. pro bowl center and he fumbles. welcome back rex. the whole second half most bear fans were belting out their favorite curse word because this morning we woke up with brain greise and there we were unprepared, down, and with rex gross man doing an excellent impersonation of a billy goat on roller skates.

and then someone figured “he only needs to get lucky once” and they threw a bomb and it got there and touchdown and the bears ruined the raiders’ season in oakland, where i shoulda been today.

raider fans right now are hating life

and i dont blame em.

got beat by the worst qb in football.

update: finally

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