i had the greatest first day at work today.

but first an old poem.

“the best virgin marys”

The Italians painted the best
virgin marys
next to the Dutch
and she looks like the dark haired
olive tint
not the complete Mary but her complement
her knitting friend who Mary
whispers to
“Joseph last night was so cute”
Mary tells her as the donkey drinks from the river
“he leaned over to kiss me
but he stopped himself
I told him we’ve been married ten
our son is the messiah
you have nothing to fear silly man.”
I teller she looks like Mary’s best friend and she
smiles trying to sleep with her hands in praying formation
under her head
gold inexpensive earrings still on
eyes closed teeth shimmering
as christmas lights sparkle in my bedroom.
are you marys friend i ask
did you come down here to keep an eye on
me and warm not just my heart but
it feels like this whole house is alive
my fruit punch soda tastes bubblier
my burrito tastes guacamolier
my old face seems happier
did you come down here to do all
that for me
shes sleep
I whisper is mary your best friend and you seller
and she sells you avon but you dont
wear it cuz you just dont
but you love each other
and now you love me
yes yes she says now hush she smiles opening one eye

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