my niece and nephew are beautiful

and smart, and lovely

but because theyre children theyre also insane.

when i was younger i wanted 10-12 kids. now im very happy that i have zero.

the animals in my sisters house are also insane.

once upon a time i wanted a farm full of animals. now im very glad that i dont even have a goldfish.

youd never know that with the little movies that i produce with my little family members, but it’s true.

today i told my niece that in some cultures they throw the little children off a cliff. but in my case, if i had to live with kids and animals that i would jump off a cliff. we went into great detail about what a cliff was because, after all, this is illinios, and theres not a wide variety of terrain here.

before she skipped up the stairs to her bed she said, have fun on the cliff uncle tony!

here is video of me and my 3 year old nephew who isnt the biggest boy, but he sure knows how to use a computer and really hates to share, especially when it comes to Elf Bowling, the most kid unfriendly game ive ever seen. thus loved by he and my niece.

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