this is the anniversary of the space shuttle disaster

do you remember where you were when this happened?

if you can believe it, i was selling tvs in west la.

i was pointing to the JVC 25″ stereo monitor that was on sale for $999. it was $400 cheaper than my favorite, the Sony 25 XBR. i was asking a customer, “now i love the XBR, but the JVC has all the features of the Sonytheoneandonly and you tell me, do you think the Sony’s picture is worth 400 bucks more?”

and before he could answer the shuttle blew up.

on the JVC, the Sony, the NEC, the Proton, the friggin Daewoos, the Zentiths

that fucker blew up on every tv, across every tv wall in the whole place. right in front of me and my wealthy customer.

which was when i suggested the extended warranty.

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