the Christmas miracles didnt end today

i was supposed to have a middle seat between Cleveland and LA. i asked the lady in TO to change it, i asked the lady in Cleveland to change it. both of them told me i was middleseat-out-of-luck. so i got on the plane, sat in the seat. a very nice due sat to the left of me on the aisle and after a while they shut the door and omg the window seat passenger NEVER SHOWED!

thank you Lord ABOVE!

the movie they showed was The Nanny Diaries, which i had never seen, nor heard about, despite starring my girlfriend Scarlet. it was the perfect mindless airplane movie, but i have one warning for you, if you havent seen it DO NOT see any of the trailers except this one above because All of them give away the climax.

Hollywood, why do you love to give away the good parts of movies? aka Ruining Everything?

This film was sweet and kind of interesting and pretty decent. Why Alecia Keys was in it I will never know. How they got my girlfriend to star in it was a coup. But all in all it was pretty good and yet if you see any of its commericals and remember it you will be so pissed.

Fortunately i dont remember seeing the trailer, but in finding one for this post i was shocked. Shocked i tell ya. anyways nice job whoever made this movie. it didnt suck.

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