today is leah’s 22nd birthday.

man time flies.

leah has been one of my favorite bloggers for a long time. for how long? how about since she was 15!

was it a little odd for a 90something year old man be so fascinated by a teenage girl’s blog? sorta but not really. leahs design was awesome, she took lots of pictures of tons of different things, and she wrote All the damn time.

and in a bit of bloggy-foreshadowing, even though she lived in the heart of Texas, she was a transplant of Canada.

on one of my trips to sxsw i got to meet ms leah muse, and boy was i surprised. not only was she way prettier in real life – as in flawless and model-ly – but she couldnt have been nicer. as in perhaps she was the nicest, purest, sweetest person ever.

i felt like the devil standing next to her. she didnt drink, she didnt smoke, she didnt do drugs, and she had the sweetest texan accent.

so of course i immediately took her to a little hotel party featuring booze and weed.

since then i have had the great opportunity to hang out with leah and her husband on several occasions. not only is bro just as sweet and softspoken as his wifey, but if i remember clearly i believe he’s a devout Christian, and he leads one of the best new bands that youve never heard of Quiet Company, a band i could not recommend more highly to you and you and you.

together they are the type of couple that gives you hope for the future. and too bad MTV only cares about scandal and trainwrecks or else they would have a reality show about Leah and Taylor as they tour around the nation to make Quiet Company the next big thing.

people who say you shouldnt meet people off the internet are probably the ones who dont actually read the things these “strangers” write on the web. almost everyone ive had the pleasure of meeting have been solid individuals and the reason i wanted to meet them was because i enjoyed reading them for years, if not years and years and years.

oh, and one thing you should know about leah that i didnt know until i met her… you pronounce her name – lay-uh.

leah’s blog + quiet company + first time i met leah

hey bonus video interview of Leah the last time i was out there

last night everyone noticed

when hillary’s “concession” speech was cut off so that barack could give his speech

personally, i dont see what the big deal is all about. obama is a better speaker. and a winner. and everyone loves a winner.

– why a school banned legos

– dude tries to counterfeit $100 bills… with lincoln’s face? oh zona.

– the new iPhone?

– dude gets roadrage, shoots at the dude driving too slowly in front of him, slow driver drops off the kids, tracks down the roadrager and returns fire. ah florida

– 24-year-old minister’s daughter, who also happened to be a middle school teacher, given 6 years in jail for having sex with several teenage boys. the busblog disapproves of this so called justice system.

– in other sex news, am i crazy to sorta Expect huge rockstars to cheat on their non-wives?

– beware obama, the clintons are allegedly spending $10 million to swiftboat yr black ass

– stanford decides not to charge tuition for students who’s parents earn less than $100k, and gives free room and board for students who’s parents earn less than $60k

– speaking of class, hank aaron is still the class of baseball