its 225am

i should get to sleep, but before i do, heres a lil roundup o love

– leah is young, talented, married, a home-renter, and rad, and now she takes great engagement photos like it aint no thang

– krista takes pretty damn great pictures too. check out the one of her cats creepy mouth

– speaking of… someone you know just got his first photo credit in the LA Times dot com

flagrant and the pants havent posted in two weeks

danielle haint posted in damn month

– sonic youth’s daydream nation painting on sale for the low low price of $5 million. um.

this dude will do stuff for money for your ass

– yes Kareem is still blogging (almost every day) for the Times. yesterday he answered more questions from the fans via video including one where someone asked him when was the earliest evidence of African Americans in North America. his response: 700 AD, yo.

– its sorta awesome when the owner of your company is wilder and crazier than youve ever been ever (even though you went to UCSB)

xTx wrote the best poem you’ll read on the interwebs all week

– and for the ladies: semi nude pics of the female screenwriter who brought us Juno