if theres one trend that i despise it’s the rise of the Make Money Blogging blogs

im going to be headed to austin for sxsw in about 10 days and i know im gonna run into people who are either gonna ask me for tips on how to make money blogging or introduce me to some of these make money bloggers and im just gonna take another sip of beer and head back to the bbq.

theres a word for people who try to make real money blogging.

its the same word they have for people who try to make real money fucking.


blogging should be something that you do for love. something that you do because you wanna send and s.o.s. to the world. something that you do because you want to be creative and express yourself and get the attention of the hot girl who youre too shy to say hi to.

when people write songs for money or manufacture bands to make money we know what those records sound like – total shit.

we will be talking about bob dylan for generations to come because fucker kept it real. still keeps it real.

blogs that do it for the sake of money are so clearly full of bullshit that they never make it to the top. which doesnt mean that the How to Make Money Blogging blogs arent successful or have good ideas – they are and they do (some of them), but theyre never written by people who could write a real blog about something that would interest a large group of people.

which shouldnt be the point either.

what the Blogging Experts dont tell you in their how to make money blogs is that there are about 100 people making money blogging today out of 130 million. you have better odds marrying and divorcing britney spears for the money. so do that. those 100 people, by the way, are on the Technorati Top 100, and those people probably arent millionaires, so befriend a trainwreck pop star or play the lottery.

plus some of those 100 are bloggers who have been doing it for years and year and who are actually pretty fucking great at what they do.

heres another thing those make money blog writers wont tell you: most of the blogs in the technorati top 100 are group blogs, meaning you have to share that revenue with 5-10 people. meaning no one is getting rich. plus you have to blog 6 times a day. plus you have to network like crazy. plus you have to write about the exact right shit at the exact right time.

a few years ago you could be a right wing hack and probably make a few bucks. today you’d be better off writing about iphones and grownup toys. but still you have to compete with the boing boings and the engadgets and the gizmodos and techcrunches and all of those sites have several writers, so how are you, alone, gonna compete?

you arent. and you shouldnt. you should give up on making money blogging and do what you shoulda done in the first place – write for the joy of writing.

and get a fucking job.

aint no ting

the ting tings yo

guess whose pre-write about the catchy new band The Ting Tings just got published on the LA Times’ sweet new blog Soundboard?

yes im excited. yes it took forever ever cuz we were having wordpress issues, and other issues. yes i will be writing a tad more for them and a few other blogs. yes i miss blogging.

yes you should go there and see for yrself.

yes i love you.

and yes there are some free MP3s waiting for your ass b/c the singles arent even available in American iTunes

yes youre welcome

Maxim writer admits he never heard the entire new Black Crowes cd

last week the Black Crowes caught Maxim reviewing their new cd without hearing it.

first the ladmag skirted the issue, but later they apologized for the deal.

yesterday the Crowes refused to accept the apology.

today the LA Times’ blog Soundboard got an exclusive interview with the freelancer responsible for the “review” who said he was asked to write some previews of a few cds, never heard the cds in their entirety, and someone at Maxim turned the previews into reviews and added star ratings.

read the whole story here

morning roundup of beautiful news

redneck mansion

– blind irishman uses son’s tooth to restore sight. now he can watch television!

– how good people turn evil: from stanford to abu gharib

– the 10 worst CAPTCHAs

sixteen year old, 36 year old boyfriend– Google gives SF homeless free voicemail.

– speaking of Google, theyre getting into the web site development biz. it wont be free.

– beware of this hot aussie teenage girl – shes allergic to water

– also down under: masked gunman tries to rob bar, unfortunately a biker gang was holding a meeting in said bar, gunman ends up hog tied, humiliated

– why cops should be relieved that most people dont carry guns: eight days after the tragedy at Northern IL Univeristy, an undercover cop burst into college classroom to pretend that he was going to start killing students. claimed it was a “drill” claimed students, staff, teachers had been notified via email. not everyone got the email.

– shes 16, hes 36 (and divorced), she asked parents to let her move in with him, they say how about he move in with us. they were afraid of her getting mad at them. photo on the right.

– best fortune cookie of the day

– twelve steps for learning how to go with the flow

– Maxim got caught reviewing the new Black Crowes cd without listening to it. Maxim apologized last week. yesterday the Crowes lit up a joint and then refused Maxim’s apology.

– the one great idea that China had is being retooled.

– arent the FBI supposed to be smart? former agent suggests Second Internet

– facebook to redesign with more tabs to aid those of us with iPhones

– more facebook: new application can help groups issue ultimatums

– cats are democrats, dogs are republicans

– southwest responds to the rumor that they banned two women for being too hot