adam rose goes to the Laker Girls tryouts

and shoots a photo essay

laker girl wannabes at the laker girl tryouts

i dont wanna say that the busblog‘s groundbreaking photo essays were even the slightest bit influential on photo essays at LAist. i dont want to float the idea out there that when Adam Rose was Sports Editor of LAist before he got picked up by the LA Times months before i got the call up that he learned a few things from yr boy, but if he did, perhaps todays photo essay from heaven the laker girl tryouts is a lil bit of evidence.

regardless, adam, who now ferociously writes both the usc and ucla blogs for the Times, busted beautifully last night and inspired these comments over on the Laker blog where he guest blogged for the kam bros:

– Dang, there are things better to look at than Kwame’s calves.
– Now that is some journalism that I can really get behind. Thank you
– Adam Rose, You’ve just made the greatest post in Lakers blog history.

and then the inevitable:

– When does Kobe get to pick the one he cheats with? Is that later in the process?

see the whole deal here

photo by Adam Rose, used with permission

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