a few more stories around the LAT that you may have missed this week

the photo above of Alie Ward, left, of Metromix about to be licked by the $5 Guy’s little doggie outside the Secret Headquarters thursday night was good, but the lede for her story about the Baker Lofts was even better: “Do you think she’s on ecstasy, or just really nice?”

in today’s Campaign ’08 section, Kate Linthicum asks the excellent question “why do we vote on Tuesdays?” she interviews Jacob Soboroff of Why Tuesday who not only answers the question but in the piece we learn that most lawmakers don’t know the answer which is, “It turns out that Congress chose Tuesday for a voting day in 1845 to make the process easier for citizens of an agrarian society. Back then, farmers needed to vote on a day that wouldn’t interfere with the three-day Sabbath or Wednesday, which was market day.”

regular Soundboard contributer August Brown has a nice long piece about LA punkers No Age in the Calender section today. apparently the duo are at a crossroads of breaking through to the mainstream but trying to do so without the cost of their punk rock – or Vegan – sensibilities: “We played a show for Fuel TV, and they didn’t tell us that the show was sponsored by Snickers,” Randall said. “So 10 seconds before we played, I found a marker and wrote ‘Go Vegan’ on the back of my guitar. If they’re going to try to force Snickers down your throat, here’s something different.” Brown also noted that the kids on the MTV message board who became aware of the band thanks to Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz’s new MTV show are torn by the originality of the boys and their original video concepts: “I don’t understand it, but it’s cool” and “I feel stupid because of this video. It is really messed up. Please stop showing it on MTV.”

the hero complex has been on fire this weekend thanks in part to Geoff Boucher‘s coverage of The Dark Knight’s record-breaking opening weekend. but i hope his feature on Milwaukie Oregon, home of Hell Boy, and also a little publishing company called Dark Horse which puts out tons of sweet ass comics that are slowly taking over the world. meanwhile Dark Horse is slowly employing the whole town: “Dark Horse is a pop-culture content company that has grown so steadily over the last 20 years that it currently occupies six separate storefronts along Main Street, and with 150 employees, it’s now one of the top five employers in the town of 21,000. Dark Horse made its mark as an upstart, indie publisher of comic books, but now its ventures go well beyond that, which is why its founder, Mike Richardson, hops a flight to Los Angeles every week to tend to Hollywood pursuits.”

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